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Coffee & Christ

“The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.’”
– Genesis 2:18

Fellowship. Interaction. Conversation.

Our members crave these above all else, based on feedback. They want more opportunities to share the word of Jesus Christ, to deepen their own faith by listening to others, and to know their fellow C-Suite for Christ members on a more personal level.

A monthly meeting isn’t enough, they said. As business executives and entrepreneurs, they want more fellowship opportunities. Life can be lonely at the top. Balance is essential.

We responded … and hope you take full advantage.

There’s no agenda. Moderators lead these small group gatherings. They pose a simple question: “How is your soul?” Conversation goes from there.

Be open. Be vulnerable. Share your joys and burdens. You’re among friends in Christ. They’ll listen to, empathize and pray with you.

We aren’t meant to be alone, nor to shoulder our troubles with no relief. God wants us to lean on one another, and jointly draw strength from Him. Coffee & Christ seeks to carry out our Holy Father’s commandment.

You’ve got your coffee. Now join in and discover a morning pick-me-up that nourishes your entire being.

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Thank you to IAG Wealth Partners for sponsoring Coffee & Christ, a time of fellowship, teaching, and prayer provided for anyone that needs extra time for God, with your coffee, of course. IAG Wealth Partners has served people, families, and businesses in the Milwaukee area by providing grounded financial advising for almost 40 years. Their commitment to their clients’ success and well-being comes first, and we’d like to thank Rusty Peterson, Partner at IAG and member of C-Suite for Christ who helped us to build this strong bond. We are thankful for their continual partnership in our mission! Learn more about IAG today.