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C-Suite for Christ was created to bring Christian men and women together to pray for, encourage, and witness to each other in a safe, nurturing environment. To ensure our time is as worthwhile as possible for everyone, we have guidelines that all of our members follow.

  • There can be no proactive solicitations of anyone in the group for sales purposes. If a member wants to buy from another member, that is permissible. However, a member cannot initiate sales activity under any circumstance.
  • C-Suite for Christ participant rosters, attendee lists, and contact information will not be shared in anyway. If you are interested in connecting with a fellow member, consider being engaged during the open networking portion of the meeting and asking for contact information at that time.
  • What is said during these meetings must be kept strictly confidential unless approval is given by the individual sharing said information. To build trust and cultivate an intimate environment where members are comfortable opening up, the expectation of privacy must be established.
  • Since you will get out of our time together what you put in, please come prepared to share and engage during each portion of the meeting. Please encourage others as well and give your full attention to everyone when others speak.
  • Members are encouraged to bring guests to future meetings. All guests must meet the standard criteria of C-Suite Executive before partaking in the meeting. Please reach out to the chapter president prior to the meeting in which you would like to bring your guest(s) so proper permission is granted.

Failure to comply with these rules and regulations could lead to dismissal from the group.

Visitor policy:

We welcome all visitors interested in learning more about C-Suite for Christ by attending our gatherings.

Visitors are welcome up to three times before membership is required for subsequent meeting attendance. If you decide that membership is not right for you at this time, you will no longer be able to attend any gatherings. If you decide to become a member at a later date, you will be able to attend all meetings after membership is granted.